The Edibles

The Drinks

Kept under wraps for as long as we could! The creatives at aloha came up with a signature, curated drink line of some of your favorite summer drinks. The result is a beverage that completely conveys our central philosophy, they taste amazing, are made from the finest ingredients and are infused with the highest medical grade, full extract cannabis oil. We used only the finest tea we could source, house-made fresh squeezed lemonade made from locally harvested citrus farms, PH balanced filtered water and locally farmed agave nectar and honey. Our drinks will impress you with their taste, will leave you feeling refreshed and are active in a short amount of time... enjoy and you can thank us later! more flavors coming soon!!!

aloha tymemachine drink bottles
Raspberry Green Tea Arnie Peach

The Cookies

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

    cookie image

    This isn't Grandma's chocolate chip, even though it may taste like it. Everything starts with grass-fed imported butter and raw organic cane sugar, for a very naturally, sweet and buttery taste. The CCC is accented with rich brown sugar, our in-house vanilla extract, cage-free eggs and is finished off with premium chocolate. The Webster definition of a chocolate chip.

  • The Unicorn

    cookie image

    An old family recipe reborn in the Gluten- Free Age. This buttery cookie, appropriately named the "Unicorn," is made with grass-fed pure imported butter, raw organic cane sugar, large cage- free eggs and a very select mixture of gluten-free flour. The Unicorn is very light and will have you looking for more. You won't want to share and we won't judge.

  • Brownie Crackle

    cookie image

    The Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie was the first product developed in our test kitchen. We created a rich, fudge-centric brownie that is made with Organic unprocessed coconut oil, raw organic cane sugar, organic brown sugar, cage- free eggs and is finished semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips. We sent it back packing in Europe and it came back as a cookie!

  • Marshmallow Crunch

    cookie image

    A crazy combination of ingredients that yields a toffee-like caramelized crunch that is to die for. By combining European style butter, raw sugars, cage free eggs, marshmallows, chocolate chips and a secret ingredient ... the result is something salty, sugary, crunchy and gooey all at the same time. This is a staff favorite!

  • Cinnamon & Sugar Oat

    cookie image

    This is your family oatmeal cookie reborn! The first rule in this cookie is no raisins allowed! Second we ramped up the flavor by adding in-house ground cinnamon and rolling the cookies in confectioners sugar prior to baking. This yields a crackle finish with a chewy, gooey center, that has the perfect edge every time.

  • Confetti Cake

    cookie image

    Our Confetti cookie isn't just a good excuse to eat sprinkles. This cookie is a serious contender and as the title suggests, is completely unique. The edge is crisp and caramelized. The center is sticky, sweet with a subtle hint of a crumble within. This the best birthday cake, in cookie form. As silly as this cookie may look, it's completely serious!

Know Your Dose

The average dose is between 10-25mg. Use our guide below to cut your cookie into the correct dose and save the rest for later!

  • 10 Pieces

    • 100mg cookie 10mg / piece
    dose chart image, cookie cut into tenths
  • 4 Pieces

    • 100mg cookie 25mg / piece
    dose chart image, cookie cut into quarters
  • 2 Pieces

    • 100mg cookie 50mg / piece
    dose chart image, cookie cut in half

Product Ingredients & Dosing

All of our products are clinically dosed. Consume product according to your individual dose! Allow at least one hour to digest product and begin to feel the effects before deciding whether to consume more. Store remaining product in refrigerator for best results.

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Organic Gluten Free Full Extract Cannabis Oil Only the Finest Ingredients