Craft Iced Tea

Kept under wraps for as long as we could! The creatives at Aloha came up with a signature, curated drink line of some of your favorite craft iced teas and lemonade. The result is a beverage that completely conveys our central philosophy: they taste amazing, are made from the finest ingredients and are infused with the highest medical grade, full extract, cannabis oil. We used only the finest tea we could source, house-made fresh squeezed lemonade made from locally harvested citrus farms and organic blue organic agave nectar. Our drinks will impress you with their taste, will leave you refreshed and are active in ten minutes! Enjoy and you can thank us later! More flavors coming soon!!!


Passion Tea Lemonade

Passion Tea Lemonade

  • dude, did i tell you about this?
  • ahhhhmazing
  • this is...
  • the passion tea lemonade!!!
  • dude, are you listening to me?
  • no, I'm not sharing!
  • i would have if you were listening...
  • fine you can have some.
  • see! i told you, new fav!
  • 1/2 passion tea 1/2 lemonade
Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

  • so this is weird
  • why would they tease a new flavor with no details?
  • sociopaths!
  • this ain't cool at all
  • how long do i have to wait?
  • seriously, this is what we're doing right now?!!!
  • it's gonna be cool, a cool summer...
  • coming soon!


  • this is the arnie
  • after the body builder
  • not the golfer
  • cause i like arnie movies clearly
  • i'm a child of the 90's
  • yes it's the best generation
  • made with black tea and lemonade
  • sweetened with blue agave
  • onset 10 mins
  • every time i say like i'm like woah
  • scale of 1-awesome it's radical
Green Tea

Green Tea

  • i'm not sure why they call it green?
  • do you know?
  • i mean it kind of looks green
  • i'm lost
  • anyway it's light and refreshing
  • easy on the stomach
  • real nice on the taste buds
  • onset in 10 mins
  • hipsters seem to like them
  • wicked good though
Peach Tea

Peach Tea

  • so this is the peach one
  • it's super dope
  • if you like peach
  • if not try raspberry
  • if you're not sure try peach
  • it's made with high grade stuff
  • you'd be impressed
  • onset is 10 min
  • also impressive
  • made with blue agave
  • makes friends easily
Raspberry Tea

Raspberry Tea

  • this has always been my favorite
  • other than passion tea
  • also good
  • just to be fair if you dont like this one maybe try peach
  • back to it, onset 10 min
  • impressive right?
  • easy on your stomach
  • cause of the lack of gluten
  • did i say this is my favorite?

Cold Brew

It's Coffee Tyme

No sugar just really good coffee


Cold Brew

Cold Brew

  • black madagascar coffee
  • no sugar, no dairy, no nothin
  • no creamer of any kind
  • heat it/ ice it
  • make it exactly how you want it
  • pour some in your own coffee
  • go ahead it's your friend rso
  • 150mg of caffeine
  • no way you're falling asleep...just relaxed & motivated
  • you might clean your house
Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

  • again!
  • why would they tease us?
  • maybe it's caramel...
  • i don't think it's caramel
  • you can have your ball back
  • not cool man!
  • how long do i have to wait?
  • seriously, again is what we're doing right now?!!!
  • coming soon, maybe this fall if...
  • don't worry be happy!


sleep and recovery

Rick Simpson Oil Capsules

Available In:

  • 10mg x 10
  • 25mg x 25

vegan capsules

sleep and recovery

Benefits and Uses

While modern research has shown that RSO is effective in fighting cancer in conjunction with other therapies, RSO can also treat a laundry list of other conditions. Some of the ailments RSO has also been shown to be effective with include:

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Some types of infection, such as MRSA
  • Inflammation
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Product Ingredients & Dosing

All of our products are clinically dosed. Consume product according to your individual dose! Allow at least one hour to digest product and begin to feel the effects before deciding whether to consume more. Store remaining product in refrigerator for best results.

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