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Aloha TymeMachine Threads is a lifestyle brand on a mission: to identify, collaborate and align with charities that do the real work. Our philanthropic vision is to use high quality apparel to spread awareness of the problems we face as a community and to put a spotlight on the programs effecting the kind of change we need. From the beginning, the creatives behind Aloha TymeMachine have had a central focus: to provide our employees with a safe, creative work space; to create next level products for our customers and to find ways to give back to our community.

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The Edible Re-Imagined

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Every edible that comes through our kitchen has been made by hand, with the utmost precision and care. Utilizing the finest, most pure ingredients, modern techniques and the highest grade full extract cannabis oil, we bring you the edible re-imagined, Organic and Gluten-free.

In the test kitchen we approached the idea of the edible from a different stand point. Three key points stood out early. First, the edible should taste amazing and with almost have no trace of the cannabis inside, it should be able to stand on taste alone. Second, it should be easy to digest, simple as that. Lastly, the overall experince should be full body, long lasting and be clinically dosed. zero disappointment.

Aloha TymeMachine The Unicorn is Real

An Uncommon Edible

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    Exceptional Taste

    Our edibles can stand alone on taste! Many of our patients have reported that they can't even detect the cannabis inside. From the first sip or the first bite, zero disappointment.

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    Easy To Digest

    Organic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, there are options for everyone and anyone. We took a comprehensive approach to ensure that we only use the purest ingredients.

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    Full Body Experience

    Utilizing, the highest grade, full extract cannabis oil, our edibles deliver a full body experience, that will never disappoint; clinically dosed and perfectly balanced.

organic gluten free made with full extract cannabis oil & only the finest ingredients
Aloha TymeMachine Threads Logo

At Aloha TymeMachine, our goal from the beginning was to provide patients with simply, the best. Our test kitchen has combined the finest ingredients, pairing them with a High THC Full Extract Cannabis Oil, to create an amazing taste and an equally satisfying experience.

During this process we worked with patients, addressing their dietary needs, determining dosing and targeting medical issues. Our team utilized this access to patients and put their subsequent feedback directly into the development of our products. The result was an exceptionally tasting, organic and gluten-free edible that will never disappoint. For those patients with issues with dairy products or nuts, don't worry we have you covered. Both The Unicorn and Chocolate Chip Cookie are nut-free and the Double Chocolate Brownie is dairy-free... we did try and think of everything.

This is the edible re-imagined, with a nod to history but a look into the future. Aloha TymeMachine has utilized new technologies, methods and medical grade products to make your medicine taste good. Just to be clear, gluten-free does not mean taste-free! Our team has worked to ensure our patients have only the best overall experience with Aloha TymeMachine, from the first bite, zero disappointment.

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Aloha TymeMachine Make Medicine Taste Good